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Cycling experience in Limburg

Rent an electric bike and explore Limburg, a true cycling paradise!!

The Limburg cycle route network is fantastic!  

You can map out your route yourself at . On the map at the top left you can enter "Bilzen" as "city". With the bicycle route planner it is easy to map out a bicycle route. On the planner you will find the complete cycle route network of Limburg with all cycle paths and junctions. Click on the nodes you definitely want to cycle along and the route planner will do the rest. 

A nicely mapped out route is: "Cycling past heritage and castles" ( click here ). You can download the pdf of the junction route here . You can start the route at junction 68, less than 2 km from our bicycle rental / holiday home.

Contact us now for a non-binding question or a booking.

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