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Cycling experience in Bilzen

E-Bike Vibes

E-Bike Vibes rents out electric bicycles and cargo bikes in Kleine Spouwen, the beautiful, quiet part of the lively town of Bilzen. We are located between bicycle junction 68 and 89, where our holiday home De Messehoeve is also located.

Discover the bustling center of Bilzen with its cozy cafes and restaurants on the market. At a very short distance from E-Bike Vibes you cycle to the most beautiful castles such as Alden Biesen, the Castle of Groenendaal and the Castle of Edelhof, the wine castle of Genoels-Elderen, you cycle through the beautiful rolling landscapes of Hanspengouw with fruit orchards and charming villages .  For the children there is a large, completely renovated playground de Motten with skate park in Tongeren, or playground Edelhof in Bilzen, or indoor playground Kinderrijck in Bilzen. You can also go rail biking in Munsterbilzen or would you rather go to Bilzen Mysteries, a light and sound spectacle on the historic site of the castle of Alden Biesen, now also during the day with a fascinating and interactive treasure hunt for young and old, full of riddles, clues and assignments.

If you prefer culture, then the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren or La Biomista in Genk is definitely your thing.

The barefoot path in Zutendaal is also only 20 km away from E-bike Vibes and highly recommended for children.


With the electric bicycle or electric cargo bike you can easily complete the cycle loop "along art and castles  (click here)" from bicycle rental E-Bike Vibes.

  • Junctions: 85 - 108 - 519 - 123 - 119 - 109 - 108 - 68 - 89 - 81 - 90 - 66 - 67 - 504 - 104 - 84 - 200 - 85

  • Mileage:  54 km

The scenery around Bilzen fascinates all year round: from the blossoming sea in the spring, over the ready-to-pick fruits at harvest time, to the untouched silence in winter. There is a lot to experience during the blossom and harvest festivals from April to October.


When renting an electric bicycle or electric cargo bike, we will always help you map out your route. 

We are experts ourselves and can therefore give good tips.

More tips for Bilzen with kids can be found here

More information about Bilzen (events, restaurants, info) can be found on the Visit Bilzen site

Contact us now for a non-binding question or a booking.

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